Open Source

March, 2012

10 things the Linux desktop can be proud of

My recent post about KDE 4.8 got me thinking about the state of the Linux desktop. Despite the popular cries of havoc and war, I believe the Linux desktop is in a very good place at the moment. Here’s are some reasons why we should all be enjoying a true renaissance on the PC desktop, thanks […]

Is Linux About to Take Off On Tablets?

At this point, there’s no denying that Linux — despite high hopes early-on — is a late-entry to the world of tablets. But that doesn’t mean open-source enthusiasts have written off this segment of the hardware market. On the contrary, a number of initiatives to make Linux a viable choice for tablet users are in […]

Unknown Bash Tips and Tricks For Linux

Familiarity breeds ennui, and even though Bash is the default Linux command shell used daily by hordes of contented users, it contains a wealth of interesting and useful features that don’t get much attention. Today we shall learn about Bash builtins and killing potential. Bash Builtins Bash has a bunch of built-in commands, and some of […]

Windows 8 may drive me to Linux

I have been a Microsoft defender for decades. “No, MS-DOS 4.0 isn’t really that bad,” I pleaded to friends almost 25 years ago. “Give Windows 98 a chance” I begged ten or 11 years later. Heck, I extolled the virtues of Vista (which I did believe in, by the way) to anyone willing to listen. […]