Why I still don’t use Apple Products…

… and, if you care about innovation, you shouldn’t either.

Just over two years ago, I wrote an entry for BerkeleyLUG trying to explain to the sometimes baffled people in my life why I so strongly oppose Apple – http://goo.gl/xhc5. While the ultra-closed nature of their devices (see the above article for a small subset of examples illustrating Apple’s closed nature) is a major reason why I don’t personally use Apple products, it was their recent (at the time) litigation against competing open-source products that really got my goat.

I am writing today with great sadness because matters have only gotten worse. In the United States alone, in the past few months, Apple has taken advantage of the broken patent system to ban multiple competing products from consumers’ hands:

Apple succeeded in blocking all HTC Android devices from entering the country, forcing HTC to remove common features from its phones and then pursuing further litigation against the modified devices. http://goo.gl/j6zrR In this case, Apple is using a dubious patent that gives them the sole right to detect text strings like phone numbers in documents and allows users to press on them to perform actions.

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