Open Source

September, 2012

Coming To A Car Near You

If, one day, we really are all going to be carted around in driverless cars from the likes of Google and others, then we may as well have some apps on board to keep us occupied. Today, the Linux Foundation announced that it was throwing its hat into the car-apps ring, with the creation of the Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup. […]

Study urges CIOs to choose open source first

More to be gained from open systems than an immature cloud. CIOs looking to replace legacy systems should consider open source options over proprietary software or public cloud services, according to a study by prominent British IT academic, Professor Jim Norton. Norton’s study, released today and commissioned by travel industry processing giant Amadeus, assessed the role of […]

Can Android Replace Windows?

The growing popularity of tablets within the pantheon of end-user computing devices has helped drive BYOD and cloud projects within the enterprise, made cell-phone networks a common remote-access option and brought relief to laptop-lugging road warriors worldwide. They’ve also made an even more fundamental change in the mix of devices for which corporate networking gurus […]