Top 5 Security Myths About Linux; And Their Realities

Linux, unfortunately has been long surrounded by myths. Despite the speedy adoption of Linux as mainstream operating systems for enterprises particularly, the common misconceptions about Linux seem to continue. The post enlists five traditional myths about Linux Security and attempts to debunk each; discussing real facts.

There exist mainly two schools of thoughts regarding security of Linux. One group that assumes ‘ Linux is Virus Proof’ and the other, advocating a completely contrary thought i.e. ‘Linux is more insecure (when compared to contenders), as it makes source code available to everyone’. Let’s investigate in detail.

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Samsung creates flash-friendly, open source file system: F2FS

Samsung codesmith Jaegeuk Kim has submitted a new “flash-friendly” file system to the Linux Kernel tree. The new file system, coined F2FS (flash-friendly file system), is actually open source and is the embodiment of Samsung’s efforts to develop a file system attuned to the sensibilities of modern flash storage.

The most prolific and “universal” file systems (i.e. FAT16, FAT32) are also archaic ones, predating today’s enormously spacious, rewritable flash devices. In fact, most file systems aren’t perfectly suited for flash media, although many have been trying. Some alternatives are encumbered by potential patent time-bombs or royalties (e.g. exFAT), so F2FS may be Samsung’s attempt at giving industry players a free (and safe) way to navigate the field.

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Google readying Android 4.2 for November debut on LG Optimus G Nexus

The forthcoming smartphone collaboration between Google and LG, dubbed the Optimus G Nexus, is being lined up to debut as early as November, according to recent reports.

Popular mobile blog Android and Me has pinpointed next month for the launch of the new device and, more interestingly, also claimed that the new Nexus handset will be used by Google as a platform to launch a new version of Android, likely numbered 4.2.

Android and Me has obtained its information from a “regular source who has provided accurate information in the past.”

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