Open Source

October, 2013

Windows XP End of Life: Chromebooks As a Replacement?

The VAR Guy recently visited his son’s high school. During that field trip, our resident blogger noticed several dozen Windows XP systems — which will face Microsoft’s XP end of life deadlineon April 8, 2014. Microsoft (MSFT) could win lots of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 business as schools dump older offerings. But then again another […]

Top 5 reasons you should replace Windows and Mac OS X with GNU/Linux

GNU is a stable, powerful, flexible operating system that respects users’ privacy and promotes freedom. As any web administrator can tell you, the overwhelming majority of PCs run some version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, with Apple’sMac OS X (the Mac isn’t usually referred to as a “PC” but it is) coming in a distant second, and all […]