Open Source

October, 2014

Why Microsoft loves Linux

That’s a heck of a long way from Steve Ballmer proclaiming back in 2001 that “Linux is a cancer.” In the years since then Microsoft certainly attacked Linux like it was a cancer — doing everything fromsponsoring SCO’s copyright attack on Linux to claiming that Linux violated unnamed Microsoft patentsto endless FUD assaults. Complete story

11 Reasons Why You’ll Love To Replace XP with LXLE Linux

If your XP hardware has grown really old then breathe some life into it. To serve your purpose here comes the lightweight, speedy and feature-packed LXLE 14.04 which will offer you a better and smoother life ahead. Now there are 10 reasons why you will find LXLE Linux as a great replacement to XP: Complete […]

Spotify is Powered by Linux and Open Source

Spotify can aptly be called the “Netflix for music.” The company started off in 2008 and by 2014 it boasts more than 40 million users with 10 million paid subscribers. The Swedish company is yet another example of how Linux and open source enable businesses to serve millions of customers using state-of-the-art, shared technologies. Complete story