A cloud office suite alternative to Microsoft and Google

Like the idea of having a cloud office suite, but not crazy about being locked into Microsoft Office 365 or Google Docs software-as-a-service (SaaS) ? Two open-source companies, ownCloud and Kolab Systems, are working on enabling an office suite for your own private cloud.

Kolab, like ownCloud, is using Collabora’s cloud version of the open-source LibreOffice office suite,Collabora CloudSuite. The desktop version of LibreOffice is my favorite office suite.

The integrated SaaS Collabora’s CloudSuite and Kolab’s groupware will enable users to work on documents simultaneously within the Kolab collaboration suite. Users will be able to compose documents, fill in spreadsheets and design presentations together. Documents can later be saved in the most common formats, including Microsoft and the Open Document standard formats.

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