Five Reasons to Use Linux

I might be wrong, but I get the impression that my Windows friends — which would be most of the people I see on a daily basis — think of Linux as this incredibly geeky system from another planet. I think most of them don’t understand why I use it and why I don’t just stay in the known world — which to them would be Windows. Paradoxically, however, they do get why some folks use Macs.

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Microsoft AstroTurfing War on GNU/Linux is Still Going On, But Hidden Better, Uses API as Instrument of Lock-in

“The strength of this platform [C#] and the innovation around it is the key element in preventing commodization by Linux, our installed base and Network Appliance vendors.”

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Summary: The corruptible press continues to describe blatant attacks (Embrace, Extend, Extinguish) against GNU/Linux and Free software as Microsoft ‘embracing’ Open Source

MICROSOFT has been relying on a great deal of AstroTurfing as an instrument of domination. To quote Microsoft’s internal documents[PDF], “[t]o control mental output you have to control mental input. Take control of the channels by which developers receive information, then they can only think about the things you tell them. Thus, you control mindshare!”

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My business has been saved by Zorin OS

I just recently decided to “relocate”.

I just started a company with a very tight budget. I was just tired of being a slave to the system so, I drained the account and decided to go for it.

One of the things that I required was a computer. I didn’t have the funds left after getting the necessary tools to get one. Now, I’m in my early 40’s and my grandparents offered me their old one.

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Ten Linux Desktops Showing How Windows and Mac OS X Designs Are Trapped in the Past

When people think about Linux, they usually imagine old desktops and terminals running in full screen. The truth is that the platform has evolved tremendously in the past few years and it’s safe to say that it’s well above anything done by Microsoft and Apple.

In the past, people didn’t really cared too much about the desktop environment and it was never a priority. Sure enough, users had access to themes, mouse cursors, and so on, but at the end of the day it was never about those features.

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Why open source runs the world

We live in a world that has no idea how important open source software is to its smooth running and the free flow of information. The Heartbleed bug was just a taster about how widespread and vital open source software now is to this new digital-world order, which is entirely underpinned by open source software. But why?

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Switching From Windows To Linux: Here Are Guides And Videos For Your Help!

Switching from Windows to Linux is a big step for most users. The common notion is that Linux is difficult to handle. But that is not true, in reality, the ‘difficulty’ comes only because you have been used to Windows. Still, Linux has tons of plus points over Windows. Moreover, more and more users are coming to Linux nowadays. Here are 8 guides and videos that will help you make the switch easily.

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The Time to Recommend Linux & FOSS Is Now

When I first started using Linux twelve years ago, no one I knew, other than folks on the local LUG, were interested in giving Linux or FOSS a try whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong; my friends were nice. They supported my enthusiasm for this Linux thing I’d discovered, but were politely uninterested when I suggested they might want to give Linux a try too. That didn’t surprise me at all. Hell, I’d been trying to get people to give Star Office a try since the turn of the millennium and they wouldn’t go for that either, even though they were paying through the nose for MS Office.

In those days it seemed that everyone was très afraid of wandering away from their familiar Windows landscape, lest their magic-box-hooked-to-a-telescreen cease computing and thereby end the wonders of Yahoo, online airplane tickets and email. Mac users didn’t wander either, not because they were afraid but out of a false sense of smugness.

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